Welcome to Al Ashraf

Welcome to Al Ashraf

Al Ashraf for packaging and exporting agricultural products

welcome in site Al Ashraf for packaging and exporting agricultural products and citrus our attempt to provide you all information about our activities and our business in the export of agricultural crops and citrus
Nearly all Egyptian agricultural production takes place in some 2.5 million hectares (6 million acres) of fertile soil in the Nile valley and delta. Desert land is being developed for agricultural, including the ambitious Toshka project in Upper Egypt. Egypt produces a wide range of vegetarian production, and due to the climate the land has high nutritional value whereby crops can be harvested up to three times a year. Egyptian high quality fresh produce is popular and export markets can consume more. The most common corps are onions, potatoes, tomatoes, artichoke, etc. in fruits, mainly, mainly oranges, grapes, strawberry and watermelon. Apart from fruits and vegetables Egypt has cut flowers, herbs and spices and food ingredients, also appeal to this market.

In addition, our site can get information on manufacturing technology of various products made from fruits.

Our managers are so welcomed to all our customers from abroad and all Russian importers and owners of Giber markets we will meet you all at the airport or train station we will solve all the issues with the hotel, to use your time with maximum efficiency.

About us

AL Ashraf Company for export and packing all citrus crops, our main location in Delta - Qalubiya – Banha city, Egypt.

We have been established our company and citrus crops factory  in 2008 and it’s one of the leading producers and exporters in the Arab Republic of Egypt.



We are very unique and specialize in the export of citrus fruits and vegetables, fresh and frozen fruit in the Middle East and for all around the world.

Our company since its inception has sought to achieve the goals of the expansion in exports of all kinds of Egyptian products in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

We have our own production line in Qalyubia province. Our production is fully equipped with a high modern machine by professional engineers, which increases the quality of the final result. Also, our company has taken into account the importance of the international transport of products, so we created a special department of shipments to meet our needs and satisfy all our customers.



 The functions of Company:

We provide all the effective services and solutions to export all our Egyptian products, with processing and marketing of high quality products. We are always strive to deliver all products and fruits. Our company promises to have all the production with high quality products for strengthen its position in the domestic and international markets.


The company's vision:


Is to improve the quality of Egyptian products for people’s health in all around the world, while we are continuing to push the boundaries of our production by using innovation in creating our range of products and brands, where we keep focus on the achievement of the vision to become one of the leading companies in the world while maintaining the trust of our customers and partners.

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