Welcome to Al Ashraf

Welcome to Al Ashraf

Al Ashraf for packaging and exporting agricultural products

welcome in site Al Ashraf for packaging and exporting agricultural products and citrus our attempt to provide you all information about our activities and our business in the export of agricultural crops and citrus
Nearly all Egyptian agricultural production takes place in some 2.5 million hectares (6 million acres) of fertile soil in the Nile valley and delta. Desert land is being developed for agricultural, including the ambitious Toshka project in Upper Egypt. Egypt produces a wide range of vegetarian production, and due to the climate the land has high nutritional value whereby crops can be harvested up to three times a year. Egyptian high quality fresh produce is popular and export markets can consume more. The most common corps are onions, potatoes, tomatoes, artichoke, etc. in fruits, mainly, mainly oranges, grapes, strawberry and watermelon. Apart from fruits and vegetables Egypt has cut flowers, herbs and spices and food ingredients, also appeal to this market.

In addition, our site can get information on manufacturing technology of various products made from fruits.

Our managers are so welcomed to all our customers from abroad and all Russian importers and owners of Giber markets we will meet you all at the airport or train station we will solve all the issues with the hotel, to use your time with maximum efficiency.

Production stages

 :Preparing the oranges to export

All of our products are fresh, natural and comes to us after the harvest from the fields and delivered in special containers. We check each container to take it or not. After we took the container we check the weight of the container and oranges to know the exact weight of oranges.

The next stage of the container is sending directly to the production line where all the oranges are taken out of plastic baskets.

:Stages of production

We use the 9 stages of production for orange and for all our products

1. The first stage

The first check

 we cut orange stems with leaves and remove the spoiled oranges.

2 . Second stage

Cleaning, washing and disinfection of oranges

 All oranges are placed in a special sink. The water temperature is 35-40 degrees so we put the oranges in the water 60 seconds to purify them.

3 . The third stage

Drying of oranges

 All Oranges are passing to Drying machines with a hot air until to dry the oranges after washing as well.

4 . The fourth stage

The Checking , sampling

to disposal of defective fruit. We remove the bad fruit which is damaged by fruit flies or, infected with insects, and also any orange rind with broken lines and uneven surface.

5 . The fifth stage

  :waxing of Oranges

All oranges are waxing. We use natural waxy oil by spraying oranges to keep our products fresh inside and out, and to extend the life of orange.

6. The sixth stage

drying after waxing

7. The seventh stage

The last third check of orange

 If any orange not covered with wax we take it away and re- check the oranges as well.

8. The eighth stage

Determining the size and weight for each an orange by the Italian exact electronic sizer balance . the Dimensions of oranges subdivided into 48, 56 , 64, 72, 80 , 88, 100

9. The ninth stage


We’ve special way for packing all oranges which packed in rows and layers by some certain machines. A package weight of 16 kg and 8 kg . Then all boxes are sealed special packaging machine above and below. When these boxes are grouped into containers for shipping and ready for export.

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