Our top product with its all types and sizes


Colorful fruit that gives you the water your body need, ask for its types


The citrus of all seasons


Order it to have more tasty food

Feel free to ask what you want


Years of experience

Our motto is veraciousness, honesty and continuity and that we send all fruits and vegetables to all countries of the world with the best quality and best price, and that we facilitate the import process from Egypt for all customers through our experience in exporting since 2008 because our success is the success of our clients

Get your “Pure” brand from Al-Ashraf company for packing and exporting citrus and agricultural! 
All of packing types are available, telescopic carton, open top carton and plastic box!, And also there are 2 weights, 16kg and 8kg.


The clients’ satisfaction is our goal
The quality is our main concern
Using special
Follow up the client with live videos and photos of each step of his order
Following the international standards
Serving with

It is always about the techniques!
We use the special techniques which save the high quality for you!

So don’t hesitate to ask about anything, about any quality and even about your right to see your own work while preparing!! 

Al-Ashraf company for packing and exporting citrus and agricultural cares about your success as a part of ours.

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